We are a group of young girls, who like competitive submission an grappling fights. Our group was based in the year 2008, but we make live fights since 3 years all over Austria an Germany.

We fight for fun, and have our own rules. The idea of this page was a question some years ago from an agency in germany to make an oil fight. We know the dirty oil fights and suggestet the agency, that we make a fight, with us and some girls from the public.

This show was so succesful, that the show goes on and on. Many Girls like to fight with us and like to demant out us! Sometimes we win, sometimes we lost.

Where do we come from?
We come from all over Austria, most of our girls comes from the east and the south of Austria. Our company is in the capital city of styria.

What do you see?
We show you our first tapes, 1000s of pictures of our private and live Fights. In future you will see a lot of more fights of us and also some live fights with the public Girls against us.

What are our rules?
Most of time, they are always the same. Our fights are between 5 Minutes till 15 Minutes. For a simple pin the girl can get 1 Point, for a 20 second pin with all two shoulders on the floor 2 Points. A Submission point is, if the other girls says "stop" and shows 3 fingers – so 3 Points for the opponent. Sometimes we make armwestling at first. Here the girl can get 1 point for the left and 1 point for right side.

What do we like?
We like only non-topless fights. Dont ask us to fight topless ore nude – we dont! We also only fight girl vs girl – no mixed fight. Sport, perxeverance, strength and power rank foremost!

What do you want?
Tell us, what kind of fights do you want see? What kind of locations, and what kind of outfits? What girls should fight for you? We try to make your dreams come true, if it`s possible for us.

Whats in the member club?
You will see 1000s of Pictures of us, of our private and live fights. You will also see every month new pictures and videos in high quality. In the member area you will find always 2-3 full length videos. Also you will find exclusive pictures of us! We show you every month 2-3 new Picture galleries with high Quality pictures download and change the videoclips! Videos in the member Club are streaming clips!

The Shop
In our shop you will find all kind of our fights. Some tapes with fixed cam from the first live fights. We deliver all over the world, in Austria we accept cash on delivery (no postbox by cash on delivery). In all other countries and Austria ahead cash, Paypal and Credit Cards. After receive the money delivery lasts about 2-3 days in Austria 5-7 days in the rest of Europe. Delivery costs you will see at our Shop. You can also buy clips, pics online!

All Pictures/Clips are copyrighted by fightinggirls.tv. Clips/Pics are only allowed for use private, not for resale ore any publication on www!
You are a girl and like to fight?
Write us with some pictures of you, and your phone number. It would be a great pleasure for us, to get more girls in our Team. Please no fakes!

For questions and your wishes write us: